Request For MSH/AFIAT

Request For MSH/AFIAT‐RFQ‐BMN‐ 07007 – 2021, Provision of Furniture for Bamyan Provincial office

The Assistance for Families and Indigent Afghans to Thrive MSH/AFIAT strives to improve the quality of primary and secondary health and nutrition services in targeted rural areas; increase access to high impact and evidence-based health and nutrition services; enhance adoption of optimal health and nutrition behaviors by communities and households; and strengthen GoIRA commitment and capacity to plan, finance, and manage the health system in both the public and private sectors.
MSH/AFIAT invites you to submit quotations for the following requirements of the request for quotations.
Quotations must be received by MSH no later than the date and time indicated in the table below.
MSH is a registered 501(c)(3) non‐profit corporation. Offers should include any discounts available to MSH based on its status as a non‐profit.