Request For Headway International Academy in Tashkent

Request For SPSS, Data Analysis, M and E and Research Methods Advanced Training in Tashkent

Summary: SPSS, Data Analysis, M and E and Research Methods Advanced Training in Tashkent for NGOs, UN, INGOs, Civil Society Organizations, Consulting Firms, and Universities.


Informed decision-making is facilitated through research. Different techniques and data sets for research are helpful to businesses and consumers. The skills to conduct research and analyze the data using SPSS are crucial to researchers. At the end of this course, participants should have acquired knowledge and skills in the systemic undertaking of research using quantitative techniques, data collection methods and data analysis and interpretation.

Training Objectives

  1. Understand the terms and concepts of statistical data
  2. Design and conduct a research
  3. Use SPSS for data analysis
  4. Manage research data using software
  5. Carry out statistical tests using software
  6. Writing reports from survey data

Who Should Attend?

The training is designed for participants who intend to learn the use of SPSS for data management and data analysis from research and evaluations. The course targets individuals in the corporate world, in the public sector, and in a research institution, NGOs.

Training Outline

1.Introduction to research

  1. Meaning of research
  2. Research types
  3. Problem statement
  4. Hypothesis
  5. Research design
  6. Research ethics

2. Introduction to Survey Design

  1. Introduction to survey design
  2. Survey objectives
  3. Research questions creation
  4. Survey estimation
  5. Sample survey versus census
  6. Target population determination
  7. Sampling frame
  8. Survey instrument
  9. Errors in survey; sampling and nn-sampling errors

3. Sampling

  1. Determination of a sample size
  2. Power calculations
  3. External and internal validity
  4. Methods of sampling

4. Survey Questionnaire Design

  1. Designing questionnaires
  2. Questions
  3. Error in questionnaire response
  4. Layout of questionnaire
  5. Questionnaire piloting
  6. Processing of questionnaires

5. Mobile Data Collection and Processing (ODK)

  1. Introduction to mobile data collection
  2. Using ODK build and XLS form to develop survey forms
  3. Utilization of ODK collect for data gathering
  4. Utilization of ODK aggregate to upload data to the server
  5. Spatial data (GPS)

6. Survey Data Processing

  1. Coding of data
  2. Capture of data
  3. Editing of data
  4. Imputation of data
  5. Treatment of outliers

7. Introduction to SPSS statistical software

  1. Features and interface of SPSS
  2. SPSS terminologies
  3. Preparation of data file
  4. SPSS data entry
  5. Manipulation of data; split, merge, sorting of files and missing values

8. Basic Statistics using SPSS

  1. Descriptive statistics for numeric variables
  2. Frequency tables
  3. Variables of distribution and relationship
  4. Cross tabulations of categorical variables
  5. Banner and stub Tables

9. Graphics using SPSS

  • Introduction to SPSS graphs
  • SPSS Graph commands
  • Types of SPSS graphs

10.Statistical Tests using SPSS

  1. One Sample T Test
  2. Independent Samples T Test
  3. Paired Samples T Test
  4. One-Way ANOVA

11.Statistical Associations in SPSS

  1. Chi-Square test
  2. Pearson's Correlation
  3. Spearman's Rank-Order Correlation

12.Predictive Models using SPSS

  1. Linear Regression
  2. Multiple Regression
  3. Logistic Regression
  4. Ordinal Regression

13. Longitudinal Analysis using SPSS

  1. Longitudinal data features
  2. Exploring Longitudinal data
  3. Longitudinal analysis for continuous outcomes

14. Qualitative Data Analysis using NVivo

  1. Introduction to NVivo
  2. NVivo workspace
  3. NVivo upload of qualitative data
  4. Coding and nodes making
  5. Queries utilization
  6. Visualization of project

15. Survey Report writing and Dissemination

  1. Format of the survey report
  2. Content of survey report
  3. Dissemination of survey findings

Interested parties should submit their interests to: 

  1. SPSS


50 hrs

10 Sessions/ 4 hrs each

350 L.E