Position Title: Hygiene Promoter

Activation Date: 25 November, 2021   Announced Date: 25 November, 2021   Expire Date: 05 December, 2021

Job Location: Nangarhar
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Program
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: As per the Organization salary scale
Vacancy Number: PU-AMI/HR/JAL/001580
No. Of Jobs: 4
City: Ko Behar and Takia
Organization: PU-AMI
Years of Experience: 1 years NGO experience in the same field
Contract Duration: 10 months extendable
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Graduated from 12th class
Close date: 2021-12-05

About PU-AMI:

PU-AMI (known globally as Première Urgence Internationale, PUI) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious international aid organization. PU-AMI’s teams are committed to support vulnerable communities and populations, those marginalized, hit by conflict, natural disaster or economic downturns. PU-AMI’s main objective is to contribute to reduction in morbidity and mortality, and provide emergency relief to those in immediate need in order to help them regain their dignity.

Afghan mission is the oldest of PUI missions, with the first medical intervention launched in 1979 just after the Soviet troops crossed the country’s borders. PU-AMI teams currently deliver the integrated health care, combined with nutrition, psychosocial support; water, sanitation and hygiene (wash), as well as trauma services. The organization implements projects mainly in eastern parts of the country, and increasingly in the South-East Region. Since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, PU-AMI has also positioned itself as one of the main actors in preparedness and response to the pandemic, implementing health and wash-cantered activities at health facilities and community level in Kabul and beyond.

Globally, PUI provides assistance to around 6 million people in 23 countries and across 5 continents: Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Europe.



PU-AMI (که در سطح جهان به نام PUI پی یو آی شناخته میشود) یک اداره غیردولتی، غیرانتفاعی، غیرسیاسی و غیر مذهبی مدد رسان بین ا لمللی میباشد.

تیم های  PU-AMI متعهد به حمایت  و کمک جوامع و جمعیت های آسیب پذیر به انهاییکه در اإثر منازعات- حوادث طبیعی و رکود اقتصادی منزوی شده اند میباشد.  هدف عمده PU-AMI کمک در کاهش مرگ و میر -کمک عاجل به اعاده و بازیابی حیثیت ووقار  انهاییکه در نیاز فوری قرار دارند  میباشد.   

 ماموریت افغانستان  قدیمی  ترین مآموریت   (PUI) پی یو آی بوده و  با اولین مداخله در بخش صحی در سال1979  فقط درست بعد از عبور نیروهای شوروی از مرز های کشور آغاز شد.

تیم های PU-AMI در حال حاضر مراقبت های صحی ادغام یافته همراه با تغذیه حمایت روانی اجتماعی-آب-نظافت و حفظ ا لصحه wash و خدمات  تردیدات یا تروما را ارایه میدارد.

 این اداره عمدتآ پروژه ها را در  بخش شرقی کشور و بطور فزاینده در مناطق جنوب شرقی کشور  از زمان شیوع  COVID-19 در  2020  تطبیق مینماید .


Job Description:

General Responsibilitiesمسؤلیت های عمومی:

The Hygiene Promoter will work in the catchment area of SHCs and support its implementation through conducting session with community elders (male and female) as well as community mobilization and health education. The Hygiene promoters are responsible to carry out all Hygiene education trainings, WASH related KAP survey, sanitation facilities, Hygiene kit distribution, working on holding sessions of persona, environmental hygiene education.


Objective 1: Hygiene Promotion activities

Activities/main duties

• Participate in the development and adaptation of IEC material, following MOPH standards and guidelines

•  Organize hygiene promotion session using the material available, and adapting his/her communication to the audience (adults, children,)

•   Holding session of personal and environmental hygiene education.

•   Organize demonstrations of best practices linked to hygiene behaviors

•   Record attendance of hygiene promotion sessions

•   Report any challenge and issue to the team leader (Medical Doctor) or WaSH DPM

•  Documentation of specific success stories link to the WASH activates


Objective 2: HKs distribution follow up

Activités/main duites

•  Monitor and support distribution of hygiene kits in the community.

•  Provided information on the proper use of hygiene kits

•   Provide support to the MEAL team during the PDM (Post distribution monitoring)

•    Participate in hygiene kit distribution process

•    Identification beneficiaries for hygiene kit distribution


Objective 3: Community outreach

Activities/main duties

•   Creates linkages between PU-AMI and host communities (elders, shuras, CDCs), identifies leaders of the refugee/displaced community and ensures proper communication by field visits and regular meetings

•  Informs community representatives about planned schedule of MHT visit Collaboration with the District Health Officer and/or community health workers to facilitate the outreach to communities

•  Organizes meetings with local leaders, beneficiaries, collects their feedback and reports complaints

•   training of community elders  on hygiene messages

•   Provide information on the hand washing in five critical times.

•   Passed environmental health and water sanitation message to the related community.      

Objective 4:  Facilitator for SHCs activities

Activities/main duties

•    Supports SHC teams in setting up the intervention location, facilitated community meeting with SHCs staff.

•    Ensure the proper communication between SHCs and community.

•    Ensure the hygiene implementation work through meeting with community elders.

•    Facilitate WaSH related KAP survey.

•     Assist with the hygiene baseline and end line survey for each selected area.



Job Requirements:

  • Graduated from 12th class

    •    Sensitivity to public health issues

    •    Willingness to carry out frequent field visits throughout Ningarhar/Kunar provinces

    •    Good knowledge of Ningarhar/Kunar province is an asset

    •   Good communication skills

    •     1 year NGO experience would be a significant asset


Submission Guideline:

Dear candidates,

To apply for this vacancy, please use the following link



If the link above does not work by clicking on it, please copy and paste it in the browser address bar.

Make sure to press submit at the end of the application.

No other type of submission will be accepted. Prepare your resume before applying, you will have to attach it. Please save your resume documents with you name.


Regarding PU AMI recruitment process, please note that!

  • PU AMI will conduct his recruitment on the base of need only.
  • PU AMI commits to a fair and transparent recruitment procedure.
  • Only HR department will contact you during the recruitment process.
  • In case of any complaint please feel free to send your inquiries to this mail address: afg.complaints@pu-ami.org   
  • PU AMI may keep data of your application for its pool of candidate and might propose you other position than the one you applied for based on your qualification.
  • Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the criteria will be contacted & local applicants from the same province are encouraged to apply and will be given priority.

Women application are strongly encouraged.



Submission Email:



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